Daily Reports


The daily report is a single-page summary of the phone activity of your call centre or office during the previous 24 hours. The report is sent automatically every midnight on workdays and waits for you in your email inbox the next morning.

The PDF format allows flexibility and compatibility - to view, print and share the information instantly from whichever device of operating system platform.

Daily Reports

Ideal for

  • Outbound contact centres for monitoring of level of outbound activity
  • Businesses with need for prompt access to usage information

Feature Overview

  • High density: all information on one page.
  • Easy to read: data is visualized with graphs and charts
  • Immediate: The report is generated and dispatched at midnight, at the end of each business day and reflects the activity of the last 24 hours.
  • Track the evolution: the report gives you the activity evolution by comparing the overall volumes across several business days.
  • Zoom in: the report shows the individual performance of each endpoint - both in isolation and in comparison with the others.
  • Digested information: the report includes key performance indicators such as total activity, average call duration, activity per active workstation - big help for fast decisions.

Business Benefits

Improved performance. With the possibility to receive prompt information about the level of activity in the call centre, managers can understand and stimulate the operation of their call centre.

Prompt elimination of problems. For example a decreasing average call duration (ACD) for outgoing campaigns - a parameter which appears in the report - might mean:

  1. a poor-quality lead list
  2. poor-quality phone lines
  3. the "openers" in the team are doing a bad job.

Armed with data-backed evidence managers can act to fix problems which are otherwise tough to detect, quantify and demonstrate.

Lower costs. With information about the traffic split, it is easy to spot inconsistencies and limit outgoing traffic to non-productive destinations.

Eliminate individual inefficiencies. Managers have access to granular details of the individual performance of each employee through the individual indicators.

Improved productivity. Call centre managers have very clear visibility over which employees invest efforts in achieving the objectives and by extension, those who do not, and do something about it. Similarly the side-by-side comparison of individual performance increases internal competition, which leads to improved results for the business as a whole.