Lexatel is a provider of integrated new-generation telecommunication solutions for outbound call centre businesses. Our services fall into three areas:-

  • Telephone Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Business Control

The benefits from using our services include the following:

Reduced Costs

Our solutions save costs in four ways:

  1. Very low cost to set up as the solution is cloud based, requiring minimal - if any - hardware to be purchased.
  2. Low monthly costs to access the system with its rich functionality.
  3. Low call costs with high voice quality.
  4. Free technical support.
  5. Discounted new and refurbished phones, switches and Quality of Service routers.

Improved Productivity

Our solutions generate revenues. Call centre managers have all the information they need - in real time - to manage their staff. In addition some of our services inform the staff how they are performing as the working day progresses. Obviously no member of staff wants to be at the bottom of the rankings or to been shown up as not working hard enough or consistently enough. This results in a more supportive style of management, practically self-managed, and more calls are achieved. Getting more out of your staff.

For example :-

  • Our solutions will help busy trading floor managers to supervise less and coach more.
  • Our solutions will avoid non-business traffic in business hours.
  • Our solutions will remove the need for data back-up as we'll have it off-site and automatically backed up nightly.

A solution that fits your company's needs

When it comes to solutions, we know that no two clients are the same - each one has unique needs. That is why we approach each client with a project-oriented mentality: analyse-design-implement. We do not move off-the-shelf boxes. New generation technology and good business processes allow us to deliver customized solutions at affordable prices. "Custom" no longer means "prohibitively expensive". We are able to do this effectively because we have been working in this sector since 2009 and gained vast experience. In addition as we only service outbound call centres, our experience is very focused.

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