Business Control

Business control is given to our clients via access to our web based Client Resource Centre, at no cost. This is where the client will find out all the information they need about their account with us and tools to control most elements. The most important elements for the client are :

  • Billing tab where a real time statement is constantly kept up-to-date. Here is also where the client can make payments via secure credit cards and download any invoices produced. Lastly the client can add email addresses and mobile numbers to receive low credit warnings. These emails and SMS are sent at no charge when the client’s balance reaches 2000€, 1000€, 500€, 100€, 20€ and 0€. This way the client has plenty of time to make sure funds are sent to keep their account in credit.
  • Calls tab where the client can see all the calls made by their users. They can also search by extension, date, destination number, cost and duration. Also if the client has call recording activated this is where the calls are made available for downloading.
  • Reports tab where they can see real-time or historical daily, weekly or monthly reports. These have details about destinations called and duration, including a graph of all employees ranked by calls and talk-time.
  • Active Services tab where the client can see exactly what services they have activated on the account and what they are being charged.

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