Help your clients get better tools

If you support an outbound call centre with its IT needs they maybe better off if they were to use our services. We have worked in this demanding sector since 2009 and understand the quality and level of service required. During this time we have developed highly specialised tools that help call centre managers get the most of out their operations. Introduce us and your client more than likely will be glad for your interest and help.

Simplify your client's IT set ups

We run a cloud based range of services that are fully redundant. Clients who use our services find that once deployed our solutions reduce the complexity of their internal IT set ups, they have less hardware to maintain and keep up-to-date, critical services are fully redundant and business data is safely backed up in two off-site locations. This means that you have a more simplified IT infrastructure to manage; a simpler life for you.

Get free service and support

When an IT professional introduces a new client to us, we work to understand the client's needs and how the IT professional works with the client. Once we understand that we make a written recommendation as to the best way we think we can support you and help the client with our services. As we have deployed our services in hundreds of clients over the years we have come across countless situations and gained knowledge from this. This knowledge we are happy to share as we work with new IT professionals and clients. We aim to do things in a simple, effective, and logical way so that we can all benefit - working smart not hard!

Earn through introductions

If you introduce a new client to us and they become a client we will pay you an introducer's commission based on their spending each month. We can do this because you have saved us the marketing and sales costs of finding this new client. We pay it continually as you help us to manage the client on a day-to-day basis, which require compensation.

Receive recommendations

Over 95% of our clients come to use via word-of-mouth, usually one business owner to another. In a lot of the cases they don't have the IT support in place that they need. This then allows us to recommend IT professionals that work with us and we have confidence in. As our clients trust us and our opinions when we make a recommendation, it's taken seriously.