Real-time Ranking


A large monitor located centrally on the floor displays real-time information about the individual performance of each agent since the beginning of the business day.

An indispensable tool for the manager of any outbound call center which can dramatically boost productivity and business results.

Ideal for

Outbound contact centres with:

  • management by objectives philosophy
  • need for tight control
  • 5+ employees

Real Time Ranking screen.

Feature Overview

Important features include:

  • visual and easy-to-read graphs
  • display of talk time and dialing time
  • list order updated in real time, best performers on top
  • expected daily performance based on current work rate
  • average call duration, number of calls and number of not connected dials.

The ranking can be customized around the key indicators for every client - depending on individual business needs.

Business Benefits

Increased Productivity:

  • The real-time ranking generates a context of internal competition. The best performers will work hard to stay on top; those at the bottom will work hard to climb up.
  • Another reason for increased productivity is the immediate feedback which employees receive: they can fix their performance NOW, before the end of business.
  • Finally, best performers become an immediate and visible example that great results are actually possible - this eliminates the excuse that “targets are unrealistic”.

Training Benefits. Armed with the insights from the screen, the floor manager can identify specific problems in the work of individual employees and correct them early on.

Invest in the Right People. Unlike investment in a piece of machinery, the investment in people is tricky - you will find out whether hiring someone was the right choice only later on. The real time ranking helps distinguish good from bad investments much quicker.

The Day at a Glance. At any given moment during the business day, the business managers can get an immediate and precise answer to the question “How are we doing today?”

Less Supervision. With the real time ranking in place managers do not have to be supervisors - now everyone knows how he or she is doing. Instead the manager's time is better spent analysing, training and in general focusing on more important business issues.

Compensation = Results. The real-time ranking gives two important tools to tie employees’ compensation and results. First, there is an objective and measureable criterion which promotes a culture of merit-based compensation. Second, the compensation can be immediate, which makes it much more effective as a motivational tool.