We're not resellers

There are two things we don't and won't do. We are not reselling someone else's solution and we don't let other people sell our solution under another name.

We're not reselling someone else's solution

We have physical and cloud based equipment and services that we control to delivery the majority of our services. This is how we can be so proactive when a client needs a change or has a problem. We can get straight into the systems that deliver the services and make the appropriate changes.

Other telcom companies who have not invested in their own infrastructure and/ or gained the necessary technical expertise to deliver the services, rely on other telcoms to deliver it for them. They are in fact just marketing companies sell telecom solutions. This works well when it works, but if you have an operational problem or need a quick change your request will join the queue along with all the other requests that have benn put in by all the other marketing companies. This could mean you have to wait days for a resolution to something that might only take 2 minutes to fix.

Other people don't sell our solution

We are the only company providing our solutions; no other company sells our solutions. We have decided not to let other companies sell our solutions because we want total control of how our clients enjoy them. We are passionate about what we do for our clients and will go the extra mile to make sure they are freed up to concentrate on their business rather than worrying about tecnology and telephone services; that's our job.