Why Lexatel?

Lexatel is a small focused company that only provides services to outbound sales organisations. All our resources, knowledge and skills are used to make us a more efficient supplier to this sector. We regularly turn away potential customers who do not fit our client criteria as we don’t want to be distracted from our core focus. This allows us to continually develop tools that our customer base find useful and help them to improve their businesses' performance.

In fact 95% clients have been recommended by another existing client. We don’t advertise, we don't go to exhibitions and we only have this basic website as promotion – our performance in our chosen sector and the recommendations we have received has created us enough potential customers so we can maintain our consistent steady growth.

We now have clients in Spain, UK, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Romania, Costa Rica, Panama and the Far East. With increasing improvement in IP connectivity at a global level we are able to service clients where ever they are in the world.