Ways to pay

1. Pay with a card online.

You can login at any time to your account and pay online with a secure bank card. To do this all you need to do is login and click the Billing Tab on the left, scroll down to "What do you want to do?" and the first option is "Top up my account". Click this red text and a box will open us beneath it. Here you can choose one of the system generated amounts to top up or put in the amount you want to pay into the white box. Once you have decided how much to pay click the blue arrow on the right of the amount. This will take you to our banks payment system and allow you to pay in a secure environment. As soon as the payment is successful your account will automatically be credited.

Please note that you can only use a bank card that is secure - either in the Verified by Visa (https://www.visaeurope.com/making-payments/verified-by-visa/) or MasterCard SecureCode (https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/features-benefits/securecode.html) schemes.

2. Pay with a bank transfer.

You can send us a bank transfer to the bank shown at the bottom of the Billing Tab. We check our bank account once a day between 10 and 11am (UTC/GMT +1 hour) and we reflect all the payments that have been made. Once we have reflected the payment in our system your account will reflect the payment amount, less any VAT if applicable. In addition an invoice will be available for you to download. Any payment of less than 300€ will incur a 20€ admin fee.

3. Pay in cash into the bank.

You can pay in to our bank anywhere across Spain. You can either pay the bank teller or pay at the ATM. If you do pay into the ATM machine please select "Sin Sobre". This way the machine will count the payment straight away and it will be credited to our account. If you select "Con Sobre" we'll all have to wait until the bank's staff empty the ATM and check the deposits. This can take over a day! Any payment of less than 300€ will incur a 20€ admin fee.